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Jonathan Slusher is a Garden State native
and stay at home father seldom inflicted
with inexplicable bouts of optimism and
caffeine induced semi euphoria. He has a
M.S. in Environmental Science, occasional
insomnia, and has also scored over 100,000
points on the super speed arcade classic
version of Ms. Pacman.*

Jonathan's work has been published in
, Bartleby Snopes, Toasted Cheese
Literary Journal, Paper Darts Magazine
Coast Views Magazine
, and The Battered
. He also has appeared on NPR

Jonathan's debut novel
Water Landing can
be found at
Amazon and is also free to
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* The record score was achieved in Fall 2001
and took place inside the laundromat next to
Little Chef Restaurant in Ocean Beach, CA. It
was witnessed by his girlfriend. They later
married and had kids.
Bartleby Snopes
Rescuing the Dead Girl
by Jonathan Slusher
Two interviews from your
favorite stay home daddy
Pure Slush
October 23, 2015

Gruss aus Baden Wurtenburg!

We've been in Germany for thirteen months and a few days and
I think
things are beginning to feel like home
. Hey look! :) I'm finally
writing a post for this old website.
We've all been missing
California, especially Sophie.
But I think that the tough times of
adjustment are behind us.

I heard somewhere from someone that a parent can only be as
happy as their least happy
child. I believe that to mostly be a
load of cynical crap,
but unfortunately I allowed it to become
part of my mantra through the dark winter months of last year....

For an original Southern Black Forest Expatriate
Stay Home
Daddy Wintertime Cry baby Cake be sure to
add in two lumps
of culture shock
. Pour in a little sibling rivalry. Bam!--Drop in a
few tears of homesickness. Then chill the mixture in the cold,
dark, dreariness of January and February in the 60 degree N
. Serve with some strong coffee while watching
Magnum PI in German.

This winter I'm more ready. (Insert Eye of the Tiger music here)
My German is improved. I haven't been eating any better, but
I've been working out. I've been keeping the brewski's to a
mimimum. The kiddos are now going to a school that they like.
They have some new friends. My wife may still be a frequent
flying uber work-tripper, but the dust of the big move has
settled. The kids are all right and now it is time to get down to
business with my new novel.

It is called The Flag Rescuers. More on that later.  

So, I haven't published anything new in almost a year, but I have
been writing. I've also been coaching a German youth soccer
team (fun, frustrating, upsetting, rewarding). And I've been
tracking down he shreds of the story written down on scraps of
notebook here and there. I've taken epic trips with the family to
Berlin, Venice, Greece, and Scotland. I've also gone on search
missions to the farthest reaches of uncharted zip drives, hard
drives, and e-notes looking for story material that is worth

At present I've got the start of something that I can call a
manuscript. I've got the thumbs up from an old writing teacher.
And I've got eight months until we'll be turning our attention to
moving back to California.

I still have the usual stay at home dad responsibilities--a
household to take care of with two cool though still needy
kiddos. But I definitely have some time and not enough excuses.

Here goes.....

Sophie's Big

It Gets Better

March, 2014
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